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Hanging Float Rack® – Floating Mattress Model


The “Hanging Float Rack® – Floating Mattress Model” was inspired by the many mattress type pool floats now available in today’s market. It is designed to make drying of your floats easy and at the same time help prolong the life of your float. It will hang up to three floats or any combination of floats, float accessories or other pool toy items.
The “Hanging Float Rack® – Floating Mattress Model is made from a furniture grade PVC used in many medical applications and will not rust, crack, chip or peel It can be hung on any vertical surface using six mounting screws or bolts, mounting hardware not provided.

• Holds up to three mattress floats or combination of floats, accessories or other pool toys.
• Hangs on any vertical surface
• Allows for easy hanging and drying of mattress type floats.
• Helps prolong life of your floats by allowing complete water drainage so water does not stagnate inside the fabric materials.
• Made of furniture grade PVC that is solid color throughout, won’t chip, crack peel or rust
• Available in Brushed Iron or White
• Made in the U.S.A.

The “Hanging Float Rack® – Floating Mattress Model” can be mounted on any vertical surface. Hardware appropriate to the mounting surface should always be used. Mattress Floats can be quite heavy when wet so a good solid surface is required. Mounting hardware is not provided. A complete Installation Guide is included.

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