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Welcome to the Home of the Hanging Float Rack – home of the Hanging Float Rack and other pool storage products. We invite you to browse all our categories for the latest in pool floats, unbreakable outdoor glassware, pool toys and more.


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Are you tired of your swimming pool floats and toys scattered around your pool deck? Tired of mildew and discoloration of floats that were stacked together? The Original Hanging Float Rack® is the answer.

The Original Hanging Float Rack® is a revolutionary new way to quickly and easily store your pool floats and related water toys. It allows your swimming pool floats to dry quickly and helps them last longer. The Original Hanging Float Rack® can be easily mounted on brick, wood, under an eave, in the garage, or on the side of your houseboat. It doesn't waste valuable pool deck space and has no upright “prongs” that can present safety hazards.

We are proud that all of our products are Made in the U.S.A. Each Original Hanging Float Rack® product is now Patented.

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